Sunday, February 14, 2010

初一和情人节 part 2

Moody thing happen.... Holy prime(haiz)

All happen when going to secondary friend gathering.

Because not believe wat the Chinese Zodiac say..

say that i cant wear in white o blue color stuff.

But i wear white shirt and drive car go.

Sudden i heard a big sound, i sure nt gud thg happen...

Accident happen......

Haiz. When i drive the car out, i accidently hit the wall v my car.

GG lo. The wall tough than the stone...

I come out n see my poor car..

My front car small light is broken and the front car bumper oso broken a bit.

Later gt shoot by mum a awhile before go to friend gathering.


Next time wont wear any white shirt lo... Haiz

初一和情人节 part 1



Because of insufficient time....................


So i bring my little one go dinner at Nando's at Queensbay Mall.

This restoran gt very nice food and price quite affordable..

Both dishs finish by my little Melody... (including my dish)

Not food for me to eat.. Haiz

Make me to use fork to kill her.

Besides that, i prepare a small valentine gift for my melody..

hehe =p . The gift quite useful and suit for her.

That is Pink Mashimaro MP3. haha

Melody very hapi when gt it. She hapi i hapi too. haha.

Finally we share the 1st Valentine day 2gether.

Everyday already consider a valentine day when gt melody accompany me..

Thx Melody.... hehe. The end of Part 1..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

初赛-Part 2



So i decide to continue it at this holiday.

初赛Part 2 = Dota competition

招收五个人 (Force to recruit and become a team)。





经过两天的磨练,consider cincai pass lo.

为了顺利过关,用尽一切办法逃离高手(3st year senior)。

可是人算不如天算, 逃不了命运。

好选不选,选到一个臭geng gengg(中国高手-cny)



CNY 得到第二名。我们拿到第三名因为我们输给CNY(笑话)。