Sunday, July 19, 2009

The day at Pantai Kerachut

Purpose come b usm on sunday morning
to go test hiking at pantai kerachut. Haiz
Actually have 9 ppl go there.
Sudden few ppl aeroplane say have problem cannot go.
Then nvm lo as long trip still continue..
Finally reach the destination after 1 hour drving.. Quite far 2..
Then start hiking lo.. Swt.. So many stair have 2 climb on the way.. Very tired n Dizzy..
Say to myself.. add oil almost reach >.< (sendiri tipu sendiri)
Suddenly jacky ( cs friend) say saw a snake.. All alert n be careful it
eventhou i not saw the snake ( Very curious wat type snake it is)
lolx.. Sudden drop heavy rain.. All clothes wet n we have 2 wait in the pondok.
luckily have it o we will have continue climbing.
Finally reach the pantai kerachut after 1 hours 15 min..
the beach not very pretty than i thou..
All guys look a foreign gals play sand at the beach ( v bikini). haha
all guys is miang ... (not include me) hehe. My word cannot believe.
Then beng tatt n leong kheng go swimming n sting by jellyfish.
luckily not serious n jimmy scold them for not listen to him.
Not swimming la...
after rest a while, is time to come b lo.. Haiz very lazy climb b.
we reach b oly using 55 min. Fast le.. Sure la.. Improve alr ma.
Reach usm alr at 3 smt. Then we have lunch + dinner at pizzahut..
wakaka.. End

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My sister Baby

School start already n study for a week.
unlucky Thing happen which is my car hit other ppl car.
Swt n No mood.
Come b home relax for this weekend
cos for the next next week will busy lk hell.
Very happy can see my sister baby lo. Haha
Seem become big n healthy lo.
Wish he fast growth up n healthy.
>.< Good Day for all my friend