Sunday, December 20, 2009

Judgement Day

Finally count down the judgement day in 2 days.
Waiting the days come is a suffer thg 2 do.
Judgement day is the important day for all studentsss.
Judgement day = result day...
Eventhou know all my subject alr pass,
but still curious whether last sem gt improvement onot.
Must add oil study for next sem, stop playing, stop wet. haha ><
Hopefully can get a nice grade..
Hope all my friendss get nice grade..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday oh holiday

The holiday seem pass very slow,
but stime it will pass very very fast especially the happy day.
The Langkawi day have comes n my melody come early 1 day be4 dat day.
Finally c meet my melody after not see her for half month.
But it seems very long lo.
mb miss some1 2 much gua..
Then bring my melody meet her uncle.
Hard 2 find her uncle place cos my piggy not often go her uncle place.
Plus my melody is a bit road blind.. (paise)
It time to change this behavior lo...hehe
Her uncle is a nice n friendly person..
We gt chat a while then go b home lo.
The 3 days at Langkawi is very enjoy n fun.
7 ppls go Langkawi (6 clsmate 1 junior oso is my gf)
Many place to visit, to play, many food to eat, many stuff to buy
(chocolate n alcohol).
Langkawi gt many interesting place such as
Underwater world, cable car, island hoping, eagle square, beautiful bleach n others....
Mostly all ppl drunk everyday.. (haha)
Taking care of my melody is my duty(bf).
Maybe we both link 2gther, if my melody gt hurt, i sure gt hurt.. haha.
Finally the 3 days trip come to an end..
All thg seem lk happen yesterday....
We all reach b Alor Star Jetty at 7 pm smt..
All very very tired after whole day shopping
Both hand full v many many bagss and foodss. haha. Very happy.
We all go b home separate after eat wantan mee at my hometown.
We nearly wait 1 hour be4 the food come..
Too crowded ppl buy n eat wantan mee.

On 12.12.2009, i bring my melody n my family to lai fai garden..
We both take pic till sot jor.. everythg oso take pic include stone. (haha)
Walk till tired and finally just go b home..

On 13.12, its time for my melody go b hometown lo..
She havent go home , i alr start to miss her lo..
i have saw melody face for 6 days.
6 days=144 hours=8640 min=518400sec(haha)
longest d we meet in school.
I will appreciate the 6 days we meet and keep it as memory in my mind.
Last , thx to the president of this trip( yet zhen)
Gud planner n friend n daugther.. haha
Hope we can go for another trip again... haha

Recently busy v registration course and time table schedule..
The time table very suck... hehe
Must hardwork study n prepare study mood lo..
Cannot lazy lo n add oil for all my friend..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Count Down 3 days

It have been a long times i have update my blog.
cos many thg 2 do, many thg 2 happen, many thg 2 think.
Finally i got time 2 write my blog... haha (excuse)
Many thg have change since 31 Oct.. hehe (secret)
My life have complete cycle since dat day.
Many many thg have changes. haha. It is a gud thg.
Why i say count down 3 days cos i going a holiday trip to Langkawi.
Haha. V a group of cs friends -mostly all is siao lang (kidding)
Oso got a little p.... go v me. (p.... = wat le) guest lo
I suppose say count down 2 days cos finally c meet her after a half months not meet.
Last, will update my blog v pic in langkawi after 3 days lo...
Bye bye

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The day at Pantai Kerachut

Purpose come b usm on sunday morning
to go test hiking at pantai kerachut. Haiz
Actually have 9 ppl go there.
Sudden few ppl aeroplane say have problem cannot go.
Then nvm lo as long trip still continue..
Finally reach the destination after 1 hour drving.. Quite far 2..
Then start hiking lo.. Swt.. So many stair have 2 climb on the way.. Very tired n Dizzy..
Say to myself.. add oil almost reach >.< (sendiri tipu sendiri)
Suddenly jacky ( cs friend) say saw a snake.. All alert n be careful it
eventhou i not saw the snake ( Very curious wat type snake it is)
lolx.. Sudden drop heavy rain.. All clothes wet n we have 2 wait in the pondok.
luckily have it o we will have continue climbing.
Finally reach the pantai kerachut after 1 hours 15 min..
the beach not very pretty than i thou..
All guys look a foreign gals play sand at the beach ( v bikini). haha
all guys is miang ... (not include me) hehe. My word cannot believe.
Then beng tatt n leong kheng go swimming n sting by jellyfish.
luckily not serious n jimmy scold them for not listen to him.
Not swimming la...
after rest a while, is time to come b lo.. Haiz very lazy climb b.
we reach b oly using 55 min. Fast le.. Sure la.. Improve alr ma.
Reach usm alr at 3 smt. Then we have lunch + dinner at pizzahut..
wakaka.. End

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My sister Baby

School start already n study for a week.
unlucky Thing happen which is my car hit other ppl car.
Swt n No mood.
Come b home relax for this weekend
cos for the next next week will busy lk hell.
Very happy can see my sister baby lo. Haha
Seem become big n healthy lo.
Wish he fast growth up n healthy.
>.< Good Day for all my friend

Monday, June 29, 2009


Recently in bad mood~~
easily get anger
almost explose when headache
laptop in factory for 1 week.... (no sound)
oso no sound after repair... (wt...)

now okey alr >.<
cos see my sister baby smile.
Very cute. Haha

Friday, June 19, 2009