Saturday, January 16, 2010

初赛-Part 1

8.00 am Wake up early today.

Today is the important day in my life..

(2 important thing happen in 1day)

1st one is my melody 歌唱比赛初赛。

2nd one is the dota competition.

At 9.00 am, waiting to fetch my melody but

she havent make up yet...

Very curious to see me melody after make up.( sure pretty one)


My melody number is 27.

I wait my melody turn when listening others ppl sing.

They are many talent ppls.

Different style, fashion design, clothes design, face, vocal and others.

Different Uni and kolej such as KDU, TARC, INTI, USM and 韩江....

Some ppl sing very nice, bad, worst....

But my melody sing very nice lo...

Its truth from my heart.

At 12 pm smt, finally is my melody turn to sing lo.

Waiting so long listen other nonsense ppls (K L fei) singing.

My melody vr concentrate in singing w/o forgot the lyrics.

Cos last few day she alway forgot the lyrics.

I give her 100% for her performance.

After 2 pm smt when all the contestant finish singing.

It times for the judges to make decision choose the top 16 out of 43 ppls.

Waiting, waiting , waiting for around 40 min.

Finally they gt the result alr..

Me and melody very worry about the result

eventhough melody say not worry at all,

but her's face alr betrave her lo ( worry face)

The day become dark when the result is not as we expected.

My melody is not include in the top 16.

Haix. Damn. Shit.

I tink the judges is blind ( totally blind de- mata buta).

But melody alway is my number 1st in everythg..


RM 2 for this ticket

concentrate in singing.. ( cute melody+nice song)

The 1st Winner

Sunday, January 10, 2010


05.00pm it rain becos of me....
becos my heart pain?? o perhaps it know my feeling.
A little sad @.@