Sunday, January 30, 2011


下午2.oo pm, fetch mum from my relative's house.
sudden noticed gt a shinny shadow in front my house.
i go forward n have a look..
walao... a handphone.. a damage n old handphone.
but still the hp battery n memory card can use..
haha.. (evil smile)..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

USM Dota Competition 2010/2011

After 1 year of dota competition at 2009/2010.
Now the coming of 2010/2011..
Recruit new member n new blood into the team..
Hopefully can win the group match 1st.

Group member.... aK Team

the 1st Match is versus with CrazyNoob team..
win easily..
The 2nd Match versus xD team..
This team vr geng cos they c defeat the CN team which CN is the previous 1st runner up team.
So the result is we lose to them..
The 3nd Match versus CN team..
which is the important match that decide our fate to continue to Top 16 team.
Finally we oso lose jor.. Haiz.
Next time just try again lo..
practice more n more perfect lo.. XD
This match will become a lesson for us... haha
Result.... Haiz